Difference between preview and published site on navbar

Hi ,i’m having trouble making my website logo on navbar appear on the published site.

For some reason on desktop the logo just does not appear, in mobile it appears normally

Heres the read link

Thanks in advance

Hi @jvspinheiro,

everything is normal for me - in all three major browsers.
Does the navbar still vanish when using chrome in incognito mode?


Hey @Karl-Heinrich , i tried it on incognito mode and the problem still persists.

BUT, i followed your lead and tried it on another browser and everything seems ok.

Problem resolved, i guess?

Here’s how it looks like to me on Chrome

Still, it seems a bit weird to me, even so because if i change the image to any other thing the bug goes away.

Anyways, thanks !

Hi @jvspinheiro,

Might be an chaching issue.

Got to your website and hit the combination that fits your system:
Windows: ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

The image should now load properly.


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