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Development Questions and possible freelance work needed

Hi all,
I’m new-ish to Webflow and really love it so far (aside from a few handicaps). It’s great for me because I know just enough code to be get by, but by no means an expert. I’m pitching a client on a new site, and have some questions for you all about what potentially might be do-able within Webflow itself, and what might require outside integrations such as an external database (Airtable,etc) and connections through Zapier.

Here’s a few things I need:

  1. I have a list of product dealers, each of which have their own specific dealer ‘code’. I also have a list of Customer Service Representative, each of which manage several dealers and assigned to each by the dealer code. I’d like to create a form where dealers can submit a product order, which would be sent to the appropriate CSR based on the assigned dealer code.

  2. Ideally, there would be a CSR login page where each could see their own list of dealer forms that were submitted, and mark them as processed, responded to, etc.

  3. I’ll also need a ‘Find A Dealer’ mapping system based on a customer entered zipcode (integration with Google Maps). In addition, I’ll need a ‘Get A Quote’ form where customers can enter their information, and that form would be sent to the nearest dealers in a specified mile radius (say 50 miles).

  4. Ideally, there would be a Dealer login page where each could see all the quote leads that were submitted to them, and possibly even a list of dealer order they submitted to their CSRs, and what the status was on each.

  5. And finally, I’d love to have a client login page, where they could have insight into both CSR and Dealer activity, and generate reports (even on recurring schedules) that break down how many orders were placed, leads were generated, and from who/what/where.

I realize that probably all of this would need to be generated with external integrations. But wondering whether anyone has any experience with this type of integration with Webflow, and if anyone might be interested in working with me on this.