Developer needed (or guidance) for connecting XML data to Webflow


I’m currently working on a new site for an automotive company. Their current site is a WordPress template that uses a plugin to get XML data from another site. On that site, they’re managing all the data of their occasions like specifications, titles, images, prices, etc.

I’m trying to connect the data via Integromat to create Webflow CMS items when a new car is added or removed (sold).

I’m running into the issue that I need to set up an URL endpoint (see screenshot attached), but Webflow is not allowing that.

A solution could be to send this data (URL endpoint) to a subdomain and use the URL of that subdomain to get the XML data into Integromat. But, unfortunately, I’m currently stuck and don’t know how to solve this issue on time (before the 18th of February 2022).


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Hi Niels,

Currently using a similar approach for another client (and Integromat is our weapon of choice too!). Happy to discuss further including your expected budget - would you like to ping me an email?

Best regards,

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