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Developer Help w/ MyVR & Webflow

Anyone have experience building a Web App with MyVR? I’m planning on designing in Webflow, exporting, organizing, and building a back-end separately.

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, if it helps, I took a look and MyVR seems to have a javascript Web API, which is a huge step forward to being able to get this implemented:

Hopefully that is the same MyVR that you are referring to. Looks like it should be doable in Webflow.

Looks like I’d be worried about Man In The Middle attack’s then with the Js sending secrets and tokens if tried to keep everything inside Webflow right?

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, I cannot really say for sure, I am not sure what function you are referrring to that would be unsecured, from what it looks like they provide a secure API using a public key encryption, so from outward appearance it does not seem like any issues, but you would probably have to check with MyVR how they are securing the MyVR data.

I am not a MyVR expert in any way, just commenting that from their instructions, it looks possible to integrate.

Pages in Webflow are not secured by MyVR.

I hope this helps.

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Alex, you might want to look into this as Cyber Dave suggested, perhaps we don’t have to worry about man-in-the-middle attacks?