Developer approach to starting project from Webflow template?


So I’m a brand new Webflow user and I’m curious about the approach I should take when starting a new project from a Webflow template.

I’ve built easily 100+ projects using Bootstrap ever since it was first released 8 or so years ago. And over that time I’ve learned the hard way that it’s always best to NOT overwrite the default styles that ship with Bootstrap directly in those individual style sheets. Instead, I always create a totally separate style sheet that is called LAST so the default classes are still intact. Doing it that way allows me to update to the latest-greatest version of Bootstrap each time they’re released with FAR less headache.

With that in mind, I’m wondering if that same idea applies to Webflow templates. I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep all of the original template exactly as it was designed and first added to my project … and then simply add new styles to each element that I want to modify. It seems like I can add to existing single classes to create a combo class … and I can add to existing combo classes to create an even longer combo class … but I’m hitting a few roadblocks with those changes propagating to other elements.

I hope all of that makes sense. Does anyone have articles or video tutorials that speak to this idea? Of course, I’m totally aware that I might just need to think of Webflow in a different way and just modify the stinkin’ template as I need to and NOT worry about the original no longer being pristine.


Thanks – Eric

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Yup, you can add combo classes if you’d like. You can also push cmd s and save a snapshot of the site when it was brand new if you want to roll back to that state or any other. You also can make a copy of the template (you’ll have to purchase it twice) and then later you can copy the original styles to your working site. Also, some templates have style guides which let you manually adjust the built in style for text and buttons and things you regularly use. I personally override these and customize the template as I see fit for the job. Generally the attention to detail on most of the templates isn’t perfect like I like to build my sites so the first few hours of a template build for me is usually fixing a lot of things so they are up to my standards. Hope this helps!