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DEV, TEST and PROD environment Workflow

Hi There,

I found only few posts regarding this topic and some of them were a bit old and not clear enough. I’m about to go-live with my first webflow site in the next coming weeks and I’m already thinking in the next round of reviews and future features.

According to your (WF community) experience what’s the best way to work with a similar approach of DEV, TEST and PROD environments when you already have a live site? especially if this has e-commerce.

What are the pros and cons of “copy and paste” the live site and use it as a DEV during the next round of revisions and later “Copy and Past” again the project to get TEST env before finally do the switch and go live. I can take care of the e-commerce side of things and use dummy products or users or something like that in order to avoid overlapping with the live site and get problems with stock or transactions but not sure what’s the most efficient way to work with future features.

Many Thanks in advance

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