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"Details" button on CMS items

What is the link I should use in a button in a CMS item to its specific page, so I can have the user open it as a “detail”? Then how would I return the user to the main page with the CMS?


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You need to use the following:


Thank you for that response! That is the perfect solution, as long as I use the option to open the page in a new tab. If not, how can I have the user return to the main page?

You need to create another button inside the template page that points to that page you want

Is there any way to go back to the same point in the main page?

It looks like my best option is to just open another tab. Thanks for your help on this.

Can I ask you an unrelated technical question?

Yes, go ahead @mwulfe

I want to include a button on my collection page using a style designed for the page. It needs to be an email, and I know how to use the button control for that, using a value from my collection as the addressee.

The problem is, I would also like to include the subject and body of the email for when someone clicks on the button. I asked a similar question during an earlier project, and the staff at Webflow helpfully provided the embed HTML below.

It worked great for that project. For this project, I need to use the style defined for this collection page, and I need to address the email based on the value of a field in the collection for this page.

Can you help me do that?

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