Detach the positioning of the child from the parent

The case is like this.

I need to make sure that the menu sheet is always in the center of the screen. For some reason, I can’t unbind an element from its parent (the button). I’ve tried to make it absolute, and pick relative page wrapper, but not working, and tryed to make it fixed - same, nothing work out.

So the question is, what are you using or doing when you have similar situation?

Thank you everyone for your repsonse :slight_smile:

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Or i can get out the menu from menu button, but in this case Mouse click for open and close menu is working. But when we choose something from menu i made only 1 click and to open it again the 1 click is still left in menu button, so to open menu again i need to do double click. Trigger just don’t feel the clicks outsiide, maybe some one know the option to fix it?