Desperately need help with this simple issue

(link to live site -

In this project I have some links near the bottom under the headings Site and Social.

I want them to be aligned at the top so that the SITE and SOCIAL headers are level with each other.

I’m certain this is a simple issue to fix but I JUST CANT DO IT :tired_face:

Please if there is any one that can help me with this I would really, really appreciate it.


There are a couple ways to do this. You seem to have an empty column to the left of these links. Are you planning to put something there or was this just a method to try and push the social links to the right?

Hi @mbrannon47 thanks for looking at this for me.

Yes I am going to be putting some embed code into the left column. I want that first column to be just beyond the middle of the page but I haven’t styled it in anyway yet as I want to get the links issue sorted before I move on.


The easiest way to line up your ‘site’ and ‘social’ heading columns is to just add an additional 2 columns within the ‘links-block’ div in the current column 2.

Then put the ‘site-links’ div for the Site column in the first of these columns and the ‘site-links’ div for the Social column in the second of these columns.

Hope that helps!

Hi @DanUK1 - thanks for looking at this for me.

I followed your instructions and now it looks better.

Now the layout of column 2 look like this:-

Do I really need to have “links-block” containing all the other stuff? I’m not a coder at all so I get confused as to how structure these “layers” and what is not necessary etc…

I took a look and it seems you have already cleaned it up :smile:

@DanUK1 yeah. Was that the right thing to do?

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