Desperate for help;- total puzzle!

Hi All,
I’ve developed this site for a client to have a mega menu; the mega menu uses an overlay interaction to close. I have the nav for tablet and below devices set to display none. Unfortunately, something seems to be sitting onto of the buttons on devices, they aren’t clickable but the links are applied and working when I hide the mobile menu nav. It’s driving me nuts I can’t seem to work out which settings to apply to the nav to make it disappear all together on the devices. Help would be appreaciated.

Here is the read only: Webflow - A Taste of The Hills Festival Website

Just adding that I’ve had to hide (display none) the mobile menu while I try to work out what’s happening

Hi Candice,

Check your interactions as well to make certain they are only running on your higher level breakpoints. Seems likely they’re undoing the hide.

Note I’m not certain how Webflow handles default state in interactions that are breakpoint-disabled, but you’ll be able to do some tests and learn what’s happening through Chrome Devtools.