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Desktop to Mobile Help

Hello, how do you make sure that desktop and mobile have the same background. I keep making the desktop version of my website perfect, and then when I click on mobile, the background is a mess, and it all looks horrible…I would love any advice people have.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Blair.

There won’t be any advice, unless you share your site via your read-only link.
Would be happy to help, but at first I need to have a look.

Thank you, Marius- Webflow - Original Template (copy)

Did you try to adjust CSS properties for responsiveness?
E.g. find the right sizes for different breakpoints?

I am playing around with that, but do you know if you can choose different background images in Mobile view (and it won’t ruin the desktop view)- I was thinking of putting in images with the right dimensions to fit the mobile view better.

Yeah of course.
You can simply do that by adding other images and only display certain ones on specific breakpoints, while hiding the other ones.

Thank you! I think that will be the easiest way to make it look clean!