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Desktop -> Mobile Layout Help Request

New to Webflow, don’t know if there is a way to achieve what I am looking for but I am guessing there is because of how complex Webflow is. Any help is appreciated!

Hi @annievail9 , Yes this is totally possible with webflow. you can use flexbox to achieve this. whichever breakpoint you want the elements to stack, you can add a combo class to reverse the child element order.

Don’t really understand that, would be happy to pay you to explain it more - sent you an email.

@annievail9 can you please share the read-only link to your project so I can use it as an example here?


  1. I would wrap the elements in another layer of Div block. It would make it so much easier for you move them around in the future. You can then set it to Grid layout. So now instead of managing 10 different elements on a grid, you only need to move 5 different sections. And it saves you from using unique classes to differentiate left and right bio/image.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 3.27.07 AM

  1. One you have this set up, on small screens you can reduce the Featured Grid Item column from 2 to 1. Doing so will instantly make your layout vertical. Take a look at the bottom right of these screenshots.

  1. To have bio always be on top of the image, click on the First selector in Order

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 3.31.05 AM

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