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Desktop and tablet version ok, but cant fix mobile

Hello Members!

Have been trying to fix my site’s mobile version for some time today and have read few topics about it but have not found a solution. The desktop and Tablet versions are ok but cannot make any changes to the mobile version without them affecting the desktop and tablet versions. And i tried out the combo class feature and mobile only view but still i dont know what to do. Help anyone? :smiley:

I think it’s always best to start designing from Desktop first and then customize tablet & mobile.
If you use a “combo class” on mobile it should work. You can always create an element for mobile or desktop only using the selector in the settings of the element and hide it on either desktop, tablet, or mobile. What exactly are you styling?

  • Scott

Yeah, this was my first site so i did not put enough time in to get to know what to do first… But yea, i tried to put in the combo class for example the first image which has the display ads, but it still resizes the image on the desktop version.

Would need the content organized for mobile, since almost all of the mobile content would need adjustments.

Thanks for the reply!

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