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Hi, any ideas how to recreate the Nav links on this page Hover over and the text changes colour and the icon goes from grey (assume opacity is reduced as as initial state) to white. Looks great, have been playing around no joy so far. Thanks

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @RoseWebStudio

Why don’t you just ask @rowan how he did?
He’s still around :slight_smile:

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Thanks will do - appreciate the prompt response

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Hi @RoseWebStudio I sent you my read-only link, that should show you exactly how I did it. It’s pretty easy actually. You just create a link block, and in that link block add a text block (the nav link title) and an image icon. Then give that link block a hover-interaction where you give the image icon a different opacity. Just be sure to select “Limit to Nested Elements”, so that only the icon that you are hovering will change it’s opacity, and not all of them.

see image;

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Thanks a lot, very helpful and useful advise

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