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Designing for Two Languages

I have a question about building a website that will have pages in two languages.

The Short:

Is it necessary to enter the 2-letter language code (in my case “ja” for Japanese) in the Custom Code section of the Webflow dashboard if I already have the second language content/fonts supplied by the client?

The Long:

I have a potential client who wants a website (or part of it) in English and Japanese. She has seen websites that offer the option to click a button and then the browser translates the page in the second language. The result is a word-for-word translation with incorrect sentence structure; she doesn’t want that. She will provide me with the Japanese content and have me copy it into the web pages. I did a search on the Webflow support page and came across this:

Language Settings
Language Code

Setting your site’s 2-letter language code allows you to declare the natural (human) language of your site so browsers, translation applications, and other tools can use that information for language-sensitive tasks. These tasks include applying appropriate fonts, selecting accents in text-to-speech applications, spell checking, and translating web pages, and more.

Is this 2-letter language code needed if I am constructing the page with the Japanese content and fonts that she provides? Or, is this language code for websites that are written in English, don’t have the second language content/fonts, but wish for web browsers to translate English into the second language?

Thanks for reading and for any help.

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