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Designing email signatures with Webflow

Hey there,

I’m a designer. I don’t know code.
Would it be possible to design an email signature in Webflow (logo and some text) and then copy/paste the html/css into an email signature to have the exact same layout?

If so, how exactly?


Hi @jomor, it’s highly unlikely unless your design is very simple (doesn’t use the style panel on the right, and restrict to just paragraphs, images, and headings). This is because email requires inline styles on the elements, and doesn’t support external stylesheets.

if your mail client is gmail or any other client that retains formatting when pasting into their sig field…the easiest thing is to use google docs or microsoft word. format the sig the way you want it with the logo and text and then copy and paste it into your email client sig field.


Thanks for the quick answers.

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Hey @jomor,

I use to create simple email signatures, it’s easy and free to use.

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Thanks @SidneyOttelohe

You could design in the designer, and export the HTML/CSS and put the CSS in the head as a < style > < /style >. Then use something like this: to inline the CSS to the HTML. You would have to point the images to a direct host though.