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Designing a page with a password that leads to a different page with a password - possible?

Sorry - no link because I’m more just curious if this is do-able and looking for advice on any examples or ways to think of this differently.

I have a situation where I want a user to land on a page that has:

  • a form input (password)
  • custom design for that page

If they succeed in the password, they proceed to a:
-DIFFERENT PAGE with a form input (password)
-DIFFERENT design.

etc, etc.

Right now, I see that I can make a page password protected, but the flow would be:

ENTER PASSWORD (password page)
custom page with button to proceed to next page
ENTER PASSWORD (same password page as before)

does that make sense? I want to string together password pages where each one is different, and when they succeed they get taken to the next page.

Any help is greatly appreciated!