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Designing a html section in another project and using it in a new project


I was wondering if it is possible to use a weblow project to design a page section and then once happy with it introduce it to a main project. I don’t like upsetting a design until I know it is working as a standalone section. I find it frustrating mucking up a design just to try and work in a new section…

I don’t understand your question. But, I do know that this should be in the ‘need help’ section. If an admin could please move it that would be awesome.

@Robert_Craig could you please explain the problem you are having again? Are you trying to use something you made in one specific project and move it to another - like a symbol or certain group of elements? If so, this is currently not possible to do. You will have to recreate that section or element in the new project.

Ah OK I didnt think it was possible… :frowning: So is the best way forward to have a scratch page within the project for this sort of thing? If so can it then be moved to a page within a project?

Hey Robert,

Yeah, my approach is to create a kind of ‘template’ page where I place all the base elements I believe I’ll use (headings, paragraphs, links etc.) and do all the initial styling there. Then you could create symbols for the different elements you may need (buttons, nav etc.) and drop them onto your normal pages.

It also helps as a bit of a visual reference to look at/edit if you need to.

I think an asset manager of some sort is something the devs are hopefully looking at implementing in the future. Which I imagine would enable us to maybe create global symbols of some kind that can be dropped into different projects. But there would no doubt be issues with clashing of class names etc. that would have to be considered while implementing this feature.

I’m sure they have something great in mind for the future. Fingers crossed. :smile:


@Phoxic Dude! That is an ingenious idea. Kind of like an ultimate template!

Thanks, It can definitely come in handy when you have a lot of reusable elements.

OK I will give that a go… Have to admit webflow is awesome! Just wish it was a standalone tool I could install on my PC for when I am not connected to the internet :confused:

Just wanted to say, @Phoxic and reiterate @Hamzster that this is really brilliant.

Creating a page where you can design all your elements, headers, buttons, text elements, etc. in one place, and outside of the site content can really help focus on consistency and efficiency with cascading and reusing styles.

This is an invaluable idea and would actually be a beneficial step in the development process as kind of a “best practice”.

Great suggestion!

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