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Designing a horizontal scroll section within Webflow

Hi! I’m developing a website with a horizontal scroll section with the help of Webflows amazing tutorials. Everything is working great! However, I’m having a small issue which must have an easy solution that I’m just not seeing here.

In the Webflow UI viewport I ofcourse can only see ‘the first viewport’. Everything thats out of screen is invisible. But I’m trying the use grids to place images and captions. It’s very difficult for me to select and edit them when they’re not within the viewport.

Is there an easy way to maybe pre-fab the grids vertically first and then place them horizontally after? Or is there an other work around? Would love your help on this. Unfortunately I can’t create a read-only link because the images are not ment to be shared yet.

Hey @nhofsteenge,

If I recall correctly, the horizontal containers were wrapped within a div class="Track" with flex alignment: horizontal. What you could do is set the alignment to vertical from the design pane and it should align them vertically so you can edit them.

Once you are done, set the wrapper alignment to horizontal.

Hope this helps!

Works great, thanks!