Designer Window Blank, Preview Mode Fine

I cloned this site to my workspace to edit it, but when I go to Designer mode, nothing shows up. I just get a blank page, but all elements are listed in the sidebar. When I go to Preview mode, everything shows back up like it is supposed to. Does anyone know why this is happening? I would love to start editing this site, but can’t because of this issue.

Also, I’ve cloned other sites from the same site creator and other site creators… I have no issues.

Cloned Site Source: Free Template - Webflow

Read Only Site Link: Webflow - Shaper Films New

Thanks in advance,

There’s a page load interaction with an opacity change from 0-100 but I’m having difficulty understanding the logic of how it’s built. Unable to locate the element .page-transition with this interaction.

Ok, that is good to know. I will look into the page load interaction and see if there’s something I can find that might be connected. I can’t find the .page-transition either.

Hey Port_of_Folio, I think I found the issue. I found the .page-transition in the Nav component. I just hid the .page-transition element and I can see everything in the site. Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing from here. haha. I really appreciate your input because it pointed me in the direction to then find the issue.

Thanks a ton!

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