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Designer View vs. Published Site Inconsistency

Hi there, loving my experience with Webflow. Seeking some help with inconsistencies I’ve found between designer view and the published site.

  1. In the Designer View, the list item dashes vary in height, even though they’re all set to 1px borders. It’s correct in the live site

(designer view, notice 1px border)

(published site, dashes are correct)

  1. I have my nav bar turn vertical at the Mobile - Landscape breakpoint. But in the Designer view, it’s turning vertical in the Tablet - Portrait breakpoint, even though I see the styles still set to horizontal:

(designer view, notice flex is still Horizontal)

(published site, in tablet viewport, it’s correct)

Any guesses why the Designer View styles are inconsistent with the (correct) Published Site?

read-only link
published site

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