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Designer UI text displays without styles; defaults to serif

Hi Webflow team,

Just noticed the below issue when scaling the margin and padding:

The text is defaulting to “Serif” font, I am assuming this is wrong.

My browser details:
Chrome 49 on Windows 10 (Not sure if you need other details?)


Hi @Aaron thanks for bringing this up - I took a peek but it appears to work as expected - is this still broken for you?

Yeah still the serif font for me, everything else is fine though, it’s no big deal just thought you should know :smile:

Hey @Aaron, it seems that it is Chrome updated their fonts or something. I am on Linux OS with last updated Chrome experiencing the same

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Oh I see! It’s a bold choice :neutral_face: from the Google crew, lol

Thanks @sabanna

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Hi @Aaron - are you still seeing the broken font in the UI? Just wanted to check in here. Thanks!