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Designer performance and image compression

This is to the Webflow devs, I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way but the designer is the buggiest its ever been since I started using Webflow, its driving me crazy, just loading a page can take 30secs, I’m always getting errors, the amount I time I have to waste reloading the designer is a joke. I have been holding off saying this for ages, but I cannot deal with it anymore, Yes im running latest chrome on Mac.
Is anyone else having constant crashes and slow laggy usage?

Hi @daniel_cleayweb i’m happy to take a look into the issue. Just to make sure we rule out extensions, is it doing the same thing while in incognito mode?

also, send me your read-only link.

I’ll be standing by for your response.

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It’s possible that it’s a caching and memory issue.

If I haven’t restarted my computer for a couple of days or I have a bunch of tabs open, Webflow can run very slowly…

I’d suggest trying the above just to rule out an easy fix :slight_smile:

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Hi Nelson,

incognito mode is no different for me, @quarshcreative also just by saying we have to restart of desktops to use Webflow means its slow and buggy, that’s not good enough don’t you think?

Try and load page called “Home copy” see if its slow for you guys.

that page loads up fine for me. But maybe try converting your SVGs to PNGs. From my personal experience, whenever a SVG has a lot of points, it can cause lag because there is a lot of code that makes that image. Using a rasterized image (JPG, GIF, PNG) can fix this.

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful. I’ll be standing by for your response.


@daniel_cleayweb nope, not slow or buggy for me at all.

Your computer’s memory and RAM issues are out of Webflow’s control. Restarting is basic troubleshooting 101 for any app that’s running poorly.

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@daniel_cleayweb In addition to @PixelGeek’s suggestion, run your PNG images through to compress your images even further.

Your site size will be reduced by 85% or more.

Ill check the images, I’m taking this project over from an agency, so I
have had no control over the images or way its built.

Also that image is 949 bits, its tiny

Yeah ignore that, I misread it as KB haha

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