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Designer not updating changes to Published CSS code

Having figured out how to adjust my global swatches, I tried a red theme & uploaded, but the Client didn’t like, so he directed me to another colour which I have successfully updated in the Designer via Global Swatch. However, it will not upload this to the published site.

When I click Export Code and look at the CSS, sure enough - the background colour Hex code is for the old red theme, despite the Designer module correctly showing the new muted blue theme. I have, of course, quit Webflow and opened again in a new tab, and it reloads the Designer with the desired blue colour, but still tries to export/Publish the old red colour!

Any ideas on how to force the Designer to update the background code?



Project link:

Live Published site: and

Are you talking about the buttons being red? If so, in the project link, they are still red and not blue which means you need to change that swatch to blue and save it.

Have you tried deleting the old swatch?