Designer not responding properly - bug

Hi, I (and my partner on two different computers) have experienced on multiple occations, during a period of a few weeks now, that the Webflow designer is buggy.

Bugs we experience often:

  • Clicking on headings or paragraphs to edit them: They jump to the bottom of the page instead.
  • Editing headings and paragraphs: They change back after a few seconds (between 5 and 40 seconds). This is not at all times - but once it happens, it happens time after time. I experience this about 1-5 times a day, and they it stops and becomes normal again for a while.
  • CMS richtext elements not responding.
  • In general edits will go back to previous state.
  • Can’t click/ select elements on the screen. It is as if the program ignores my mouse click.
  • The live view is not showing everything. Some paragraphs, rich text and headings are missing - the same elements that are bugging. It looks fine on the real website that I published while Webflow was not in this weird buggy mode, and I have not changed anything but texts in my CMS since.

I have stable internet and there is nothing wrong with my mouse in any other programs. I am using google chrome, and I have worked with Webflow for a long time now, so I am positive that it is not just ‘noob mistakes’. These things started happening recently.

Are we the only ones experiencing this, or have others also experienced this?
Best, Linea