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Designer - Link Setting: move to Page Section - vertically - trigger is Button click

hey there guys,

is there a chance to have that option working vertically with that link setting
without building it by hand instead ?

Or maybe I should ask first: can sections sit next to each other (left to right) instead of underneath ?

Maybe this can help:

ah thank u !
right, I actually watched this already. just helped perfectly.

though Im wondering about:

that link setting which is intergrated by default, does only work with default vertical sections ?
or is it working with “flexed” horizontal sections too ? so far it doesnt seem so !?

I have to revise myself again.
actually I want it to work like: moving the sections each horizontally per button click,
not scrolling as a trigger.

I cant get that done using the workshop as base.
I get the sections side by side but dont get em sliding left after a click :confused:
I can make one section move left (out of view), but dont really know how to get the second section
move left (into view) at the same time

Maybe you can use the slider element, would that work?

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