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Designer keeps scroll position of previous page when switching pages in design or preview mode

When I link a text button to another page, it starts the new page at the same place that I scrolled to when I pushed the link… It does not show the top of the new page, but the same amount scrolled down on the page before.
Why does it not start every page at the top?

It’s also like this out of the preview mode, so when I shuffle through the different pages in the pages menu it doesn’t show the new page from the top…

Anyone has a clue??

please give us your webflow preview link

Will do!
How do I do that?

Please refer to this post:

you did not offend me =)

I noticed you are a new user on these forms. Please refer to this post:

to learn how to link your webflow project so the community can help understand your issue better.

Gosh, I feel like a newbie, did not even manage to click the link properly!
I’m going to get the preview link now…

Here it is!

So the problem is when you scroll down at the home page and press one of the project-headlines, the new page opens at the same place that i scrolled to at first… Does it make any sense?

Hi Amanda!

This is the same issue that I am having in regards to my account. If you get any feedback, please share!

Thanks so much!


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Hi @Amanda_Thomsson @mktgmeg - do you have this happening inside the Webflow preview mode or on the published page? Or both?

If I click on Asymetric Typography on the home page, it seems to take me to the top of the correct page, but I’m not sure if that’s exactly what you’re seeing. Also, which browser are you using?

On an unrelated note, the images on your site are quite big, and take a long time to load :\ We recommend a maximum size of 200kb, so I would recommend trying to compress them or resize them down to smaller variations to make them load faster. This is especially important for mobile visitors, since Apple has image size limits that block images from loading if they are above a certain resolution.


This issue is happening for me inside the preview mode. I haven’t tried publishing yet, since I am not done with the site. Do you believe that should clear up this issue?


Yes, that should definitely help. I’m investigating a preview mode bug right now - it should reset the scroll position when you switch pages, but looks like it doesn’t sometimes. In the published versions, the browser should automatically scroll to the very top, since the entire page re-renders :smile:

I hope to have an update on the preview mode scrolling later today.

Curious to see if this is happening to anyone else. When I view my site in design mode the links that I have created linking to new pages seem to open the new page in the middle. It doesn’t happen on the top nav links, but it is happening on links that are in middle of the page.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


I have tested the auto focus and it doesn’t seem to be on. The link issue is happening when it is in design mode. I haven’t published the site yet, as I am planning to export it to an existing url. Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

@mktgmeg I merged your topic into this one since it appears to be the same exact bug.

@Amanda_Thomsson This should be fixed now, though you’ll need to refresh your browser to load the latest code. Please let me know if you’re still seeing it happen and I’ll take another look :smile:


Well the interesting thing is that it happens in both preview and design mode.
But when I export the code and open the index.html file in Safari, it is all functional!
I don’t know about the published result until I try!

Yes, but are you scrolled down a bit when you push that heading link? If not, the position is at top, and then displays the next page at that same location.
I’m using Google Chrome to do all my editing. I’ve only previewed the index.html file in Safari, other then that, no other browser.

Regarding the pictures… I know! Awful to be uploading such big photos.
But I have a deadline tomorrow to put up the first version of the site online, so I don’t have time to compress all pictures.
Plus, in Sweden we have fast internet! :slight_smile:
But, I hear you, and I will correct it after tomorrow, just that it’s under extreme pressure right now!
Good tips, thanks a lot!

Wow! Thank you so much!
You just step in and wave a magic wand, it works just fine now! :slight_smile:
I was able to launch the site yesterday, and it looks great!
Minus a couple of details such as picture-loading-size, and to adjust the mobile/tablet versions.

Thanks again!