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Designer Interface Stability

I’ve been seeing general stability issues in the Designer Interface for the last several weeks or longer. It’s hard to pin down exactly what is happening because refreshes may or may not fix. Duplicating a class is definitely not a smooth function. Plus sometimes adding a div inside another div will through off alignments of other elements.

I’m generally using Safari but when I bounced over to Chrome it’s not any better and sometimes worse…just depends.

Lost about two hours work today because adding a div removed all % percentage sizing on elements and the spread to edges on Flex stopped working as well. Removing the div didn’t fix the issue neither did refreshing. The percentage showed in Designer but were not working on the elements.

Anyone else been seeing similar issues that weren’t happening before? Webflow staff are some of these issues mentioned being worked on already?


Not experiencing any of these issues. I primarily use Chrome.

So, I wonder what the deal is then? I have good internet connectivity (test speed is at around 60Mbs), all the other online interfaces I use are working fine. Duplicating a class absolutely destroys the page layout until you refresh and then the changes may or may not have been saved.