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Designer in Taiwan, need to know how to connect payment method

Hello guys + dev team:
This is Gary Yang from Taiwan, I am a website designer but not familiar with the “SDK”, “API” stuff… I design and build website via Wordpress for my clients and family members.
Since I’ve found Webflow, I am totally crush on it!!!
I can’t and have no such time to dive in and learn SDK API stuff to connect the e-commerce functions on the webflow if I want to switch the platform from Wordpress to Webflow.
So I would like to ask for help if anyone who can read Mandarin and help me to figure out how to connect the payment gateway.
I sincerely believe Webflow is the savior of the people who like me.


CC: @foxy

Hi @Skimm3r918.
Thanks for CC’ing us. Is there a specific payment method/gateway you’d like to integrate? We support right at 100 options: The integrations are already built, so accepting payments in your Webflow website is as simple as linking a button, but can get as advanced as managing an entire catalog with with Webflow’s CMS.

If you haven’t already, please check out this page: Let us know if we can help with anything.