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Designer doesn't keep the selected element in view when switching device views

When you select an element and switch the device view to mobile portrait, the designer doesn’t scroll to keep the element in view. So you have to manually scroll and find the element again. The navigator already does a good job of scrolling to the selected element. Please fix this in the device switcher.

Video of bug:

Please test this issue on - chrome incognito (I don’t see this bug in my laptop) - and update. This issue happens in all of your project/pages? (Or just one)

Happens in incognito too:

Happens when selecting an element near the bottom of the page. The device switcher fails to keep the selected element in view. Try to select a footer on a long page and switch to mobile-portrait. Webflow zooms scrolls toward the middle of the page instead of trying to keep the footer in view, forcing you to scroll down and find the element each time.

Hi, @Ali_Abbas!

Thanks for sharing this issue! I also noticed that the Designer doesn’t seem to follow the lowest element when the “Mobile - Portrait” breakpoint is selected.

This definitely sounds like odd behavior, and I’ve gone ahead and let the team know so that they can take a look for us.

I’d be happy to let you know about the fix as soon as possible. :webflow_heart:

Thanks in advance for your patience! :bowing_man:

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