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Designer changes appearance of navbar(dropdownlinks) when switching breakpoints

I have this annoying but in my project with a dropdown list.

When I open the dropdown list on desktop, it goes like it should.
When I go to tablet or mobile and open the dropdown list, it also shows how it should.
However, when going back to the desktop breakpoint, and opening the dropdown list again, it makes it look weird and this is annoying, I can only undo this by refreshing the page again, but this undos any changes.

See the video below:

(before switching breakpoints)

(after switching breakpoints and opening menu)

This is my sharelink. It’s on the “dropdownmenutest” page.

Hi Elvira,

When I open it, everything stays at the same place after switching between beak points.
Can you try to reproduce this in Incognito mode?

@avivtech, this is incognito. and it has the same issue.


Samething for firefox:

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Can you share a link to the live site?

live on

page filled with content

There’s a transform applied to the Nav menu for some reason. Once this is removed, it works well.

I would try to delete all the Navbar instances on this page, and all the interactions. Then see if it still doesn’t work.

Thanks I will try this out soon, I’ll let you know if this works.


I removed all interactions on the navbar ( I only had interactions on the “sub-dropdown-link-block” when hover over this elements). And I also removed the other navbars on the page aswell.

Still having the glitch in the designer.

new sharelink

Hi Elvir

I think you should start from scratch building the navbar, anyway I couldn’t leave it like that and if you are interesting what i came with, attach a video shows how it works. Since I couldn’t save the read only file, I continued to record to let see the parameters. Hope it will help you :slight_smile:

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