Designer Bottom Bar Covers Page Content

Platform: macOS 10.13.6
Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.84
URL Tested: All Designer views
Logged in as: Any Designer-view provisioned user


  • Access any project’s Design view
  • When on a page, select a div
  • The Bottom Bar (bem-BottomBar) shows at the bottom of the GUI

Expected Results

  • As a designer, I expect the entire viewport to be viewable within the window with no obstructions.

Actual Results

  • The Bottom Bar covers approximately 35px of the bottom of the viewport, making it impossible to access or view any content that falls below that element.

Hi @Arbello,

The Bottom bar shouldn’t cover any content on your sites, since it is a UI component, therefore all content should be visible.

In order to have a better understanding of this issue, can you post a site Read-Only links please?

Thanks in advance.

It appears the auto w--clearfix and my custom clearfix wasn’t applying, causing this bug on several projects. Fixing the clear manually seems to’ve worked. Thank you, @Nita!


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