Designer appears broken above Laptop Breakpoint

Hey, my designer appears to be broken when I see my website above the Laptop Breakpoint (I don’t know the dimensions, apologies, I’m new to Webflow)

Here’s a screenshot:

I tried checking out a previous backup of my website to see whether there is a problem with something that I did, but to no avail

My website works fine when I view the published site link and check with different dimensions using dev tools/inspect element:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Dublieu

P.S. When I click the read only link, the problem doesn’t seem to be there, even when I preview my site in the designer. It only appears when I’m editing the site, and not previewing it

Turns out that the “Finsweet Extension for Webflow” on my Brave Browser was doing this for me. Disabled it, and everything became fine!