Designer API Isn't Reading Some Copied/Pasted Attributes

Hello there,

Well, the new Designer API has brought a lot of surprises, and I’m encountering another issue today. Essentially, what I’m doing with the elements is searching for a type and matching it with a value. I’m checking if it is a custom attribute, and if so, I’m retrieving it, or if it’s a normal attribute, I’m getting it. And that works just fine. The elements that are fetched have properties, and the property I need is matched.

However, the surprise arises when I copy from another site and paste. An element is not showing its attributes, and I can’t figure out why. So, when I paste from the clipboard with some elements, and within them some more elements, those are read, but the main container attributes aren’t read in any way and are not shown. What could be the problem?

Attached is a screenshot of the attribute (I removed the other ones for simplification).

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 13.01.08

Added later:

So, what I found is that when I use getAllElements, it shows the body and the element, but when I iterate to check for attributes, neither has custom nor normal attributes?

Hey @az_benjamin, thanks for sharing!

Could you share a read-only link to an example site and a copy of the custom attribute you’re seeing issues with?

Did you see any console errors?