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Designer and preview mode slowly auto scroll my page

I am using Safari and have been having an issue where my page keeps scrolling vertically when you move around and then stops after about 5 lines. Then if you move, it scrolls again for 5 lines etc.

This happens when I am in the Designer and when I am in preview mode.

Do you think I’ve added something strange or perhaps I’m not using a supported browser?

Many thanks.

Here’s the link to my page:

It’s like my page is slipping. Every time I scroll up or down the page and stop, the page then slips 10 more pixels very slowly. I sure hope to figure this out soon or I’m gonna narf. :nauseated_face:

Hi @awoolsey,

You might want to clear the cache or use Chrome in incognito mode, see if you can reproduce the behaviour or not.

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Both of those options worked. Thank you so very much!! :slight_smile: :smiley:

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