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Design Tweaks for Mobile and Slider Navigation

Hey guys, hope all is well and safe around you and your close ones.

Got 2 questions for y’all.

  1. How can I adjust this design here (1-2-3 under the headline “hottest feature ever”) to mobile?

So when you switch to mobile view, you will see that the order is text-image-image-text-text-image, and I’d like to be normal on mobile text-image-text-image. :slight_smile: I’ve read about Flex Columns, but couldn’t figure it out on my own.

  1. Got this nav slider in the image below

My question is… is it possible to show the image just for the active slider and not the other two? So for example, if I click on Johathan, I will see his image and open his slider, but not see the images fro Melanie and Pierre. Would see just text and when I switch to Melanie, I see hers without J and P.

Much obliged. <3

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Vuk, please share your read-only link so others can take a look at the settings and help out. how to share your site Read-Only link