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Design problem and localization of the images

Hello, I’m trying to develop this site for my client and it’s not working, because the idea is for the cloud to be in the middle and the 4 buttons to be centralized with the cloud but always at the top of the cloud. I’ve tried to do with the grid, with div with 4 columns, but as you can see when I’m developing the four buttons stay where I want, but when I publish they leave the place and when it is viewed on tablet, smartphone do not stay in place right! Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve been trying to solve this for more than a week and it does not work! I do not know what else to do!
I am sending some images to show what I want and what is happening.
Inside the Dashboard I can not make the image smaller and in the center and top of the cloud in smartphone visualization.

The website:

Thank you!

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