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Hi to all!!

This is my first version of design portafolio made in webflow. I’m very happy cause this web is awesome and this is the first time that I could make many thinks and design details without coding. Thanks to webflow team.

Web link:

Public link:

All coments are welcome!!

D.I Edgar Sarmiento

Nice website, excellent products! What is this carbon fiber bike? And those shoes… Mario Hernandez ones, very nice touch.

Kudos on this.

Two things though, you may want to make the sliders arrows more prominent (bigger, colored…) because sometimes you miss them. Same goes for the slider indicator (the little dots), they are quite invisible.

The second thing is very subjective. i like all the design of the website, but I don’t digg the sub menu bar. It’s cluttered in my opinion. I would remove the outline around the sub menu items (inti, kuma, cbc…) to let the design breathe a bit more.

And the wood bike! Great.

Thanks Vincent.

The carbon bike is a project that isnt already in the portfolio but it will be.
Thanks for all the coments ans recommendations, I will consider all for a new version.

Thanks to take a time for visit my portfolio.

Edgar Sarmiento

Nice work Edgar. You have some really interesting design / concept ID work in your portfolio.

Thanks vlogic!!
I love so much design



Keep your images below 200KB or they will not show properly on mobile devices. I like the design and products. The wooden bike is awesome!

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Thanks bartek, I will consider that :slight_smile: