Design Navigator is on the left side instead of right side

I am brand new to Webflow and have been watching the crash course. In it, the Navigator appears on the right side of the screen, but on my computer, it appears on the left panel, right underneath the “add elements” button. Is there a way to move it over to the right so it appears where the padding and other layout controls are?

thanks for your help.

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The panel has moved from right to left months ago during a UI refit. It’s not possible to have it on the right side anymore. The general consensus was pushing for that move.

Ok great thanks Vincent for the clarification

It’s way better this way as you can have Styles and Navigator on view at the same time. I suspect you’re on a laptop with a small screen and the navigator then hovers the viewport, and that you’d prefer it docked on the right, I understand that. Unfortunately there’s no way.

Yes, I am using a small laptop and hence it is covering up my viewport. I see how this is useful on a larger screen. Thanks again Vincent for your help. Much appreciated.

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