Design Layout Issues HELP!

How’s it going guys ? So I’m trying to convert my Webflow designed templated into Wordpress. I use Pinegrow to convert it so I can upload to Wordpress but when I look at the site on Wordpress the theme layout design is broken. Any suggestions ?

Hey there @mkh_develops! Have you considered using Udesly adapter to convert your Webflow website to Wordpress?

I’ve personally never converted any WF website to Wordpress, but I know many users have used this tool to get the conversion going properly:

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I second the Udesly choice… In my limited testing it seems to work very well for transferring a Webflow design into Wordpress.

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@mkh_develops, I agree with @mattvaru and @austin on the Udesly move. @Tullio_Luongo can help you with your transition or any additional questions you may have.

Okay cool! Thanks guys!!! Appreciate all of you guys comments!


@mkh_develops can you share a link to your site, I would like to look at it in a browser. I am quite familiar with Pinegrow and might be able to lend you a hand.

Hi WebDev, so I’m currently on a localhost right now. I guess I can send you the actual folder with the theme inside possibly.

That would not be practical. There would also be an issue of the Wordpress database.

I suggest you load the local WordPress site and inspect the console in devtools. You may discover that paths need to be adjusted in your source files to match new locations.

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Sorry for the delay Brandon! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any question!

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