Design issue in Safari

I have a project, which looks alright in Chrome, but looks weird in Safari.

It’s the Prev- and Next-texts (“Forrige” and “Næste” in danish) that are dancing around (it’s supposed to be within the Header-block) as well as a vertical line. I can’t figure out, what’s up with it.

Any ideas?

Project page:

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hejsa !

Jeg snakker dansk, men lad os tage den på engelsk for de andres skyld.

I’m not sure that this will fix the issue, but try making “cases-head-arrows-block” ‘position: absolute’ and add ‘top: 0px’ and ‘right: 0px’ and ‘height: 100%’. Every parent div to “cases-head-arrows-block” should be ‘position: relative’.

Screenshot attached for settings in Webflow.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your input, Tore (takker :-))

That didn’t do the job though. I’ve tried changing the parent which is “Sticky” to “Relative” and all its children to “Relative” as well, but with no luck.