Design is opaque

Hi am completely new in webflow my designs aren’t showing in my webflow designer. But background colors and footers shows. Even when i go on preview mode. It quickly shows and goes off.
Here is my read only link

Need a better description and a screen grab or video recording showing what you’re experiencing. Everything looks ok on my end when viewing the preview link.

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What you have seen at the read only link is how the site is meant to be. But when i came in the designer today. The designs all went blank with just the background color of each section visible. I have deliberately refused to publish this current situation, if i do then I’m in a bigger mess.

You might have a slow internet connection issue. Background colors will load easier than images. If you feel the connection is strong, you might check one of your backups to see if the design loads there. If this doesn’t work, I recommend reaching out to Webflow support.