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I have a design Idea I need help with. I am building a website for a custom car builder. He uses very specific size and brand of auto parts that set him apart from his competition. I am looking for a clever way to get a close up of these car parts. For example using a slider several parts of the car are visible from a front view of the car. So I would like to have a circle around the brakes, for example, and make it clickable to grow. Could I use lightbox for that. Spitballing here so since it’s the weekend if you are BBQ’ing and have some time to think of this challenge I would very much appreciate it. I will be experimanting and let everyone know what I come up with but wanted to involve you all before I hit a wall, lol. No walls with webflow just opportunities to discover how to make our visions our reality!!! Happy Labor Day!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @rjbiccum

There’s quite a few ways of approaching it - this might be what you are after:

Or maybe you could show the full insides of the car with this:

Or simply add a ‘scale’ on a ‘hover interaction’ so no click needed, just hover the mouse over the circle around the brakes…

Or if it’s going to be a separate image of the brakes, that image could hide/show on hover instead?

I’m sure there are more ideas too!

I think I need a BBQ now :wink:

That’s indeed great.