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Design help on header

Would anyone be able to help me get my header to appear like this? This is the example i would like to use. it has the nav but the logo is under the bar. I have tried uploading an image but it doesnt fit when the page is stretched. i tried a div and adding an image into it but the image for some reason doesnt center. sorry im a complete newb!

anyway here is the ref website for the header on top.


Cześć Mike!
The thing is pretty simple. If you look at the code used on the website you gave, there is a simple gap used on the second menu thingy. Take a look at what I’ve designed ;)

Link ::

Preview ::

Good luck :)


Thank you for your help i think i did it. I do have another question though. for some reason the logo or the link looks fine and center in the tool but when i preview it it looks like the logo or the portfolio link get closer. just wanted to know if you might know the reason why.

here is the link

Thanks again for the help!
Total newb - Mike