Design help - been staring at my screen for 2 days :(

Hi all,

Im a newbie to Webflow.

Who could help me with working out why my site doesn’t scale to different devices nicely and all this extra blank space in the body when you scroll left. Especially on iPhone scale.

Thanks in advance :smile:


Here is my site Read-Only:

I would like to suggest working only on the desktop view first. After that is working perfectly, then finely tune the other views.

Thanks, I tried cleaning up the format. its much better know.

Would you by any chance know how to change the order of columns on phone device.

on the phone view id look the photo to be under the heading not under the button.


I made a new Div (white area) to show an example of a solution. I used Columns and added some Divs to show a different structure. I did not spend much time formatting for aesthetics.