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Design Concept Strategy

I have a client that came across and another site with similar functionality. The sites are both the right/left balance/rotation that is seen every so often and inner pages are long case study pages similar to Webflow’s home page but with much larger text. However the client, specifically they like how the “pages” slide using the top level navigation (a diamond shaped box). After looking at the site and code here are my observations and questions.

It appears each page is basically a slide in a slider which confuses mobile a bit… It also appears that what you see is what you get so no deeper technical or more info pages. It also appears everything has the basic HTML div tag. I’ve used the slider only approach on sample photos sites but never anything with as much content. What are some opinions of the pros and cons of setting this up as basically a slider?

It looks like every frame is loaded upon click, ajax style, and the URL is rewritten… but the dom isn’t rewritten so it’s only one page.

Maybe the continuous ribbon thing is going to be tough to achieve with slides. If there is only 4 slides like in your reference, maybe entirely custom makes sense to… I hope you’ll show us the result of your experimentation :smile:

I’m wondering about the SEO logic in that type of structure. At first I thought “wow that’s a lot of good content for a homepage” but the more I think about it, I wonder if really it confuses the message especially since those are case studies. on two of the pages.


It’s a nice wow effect, the ribbon becoming the top bar. The layouts of the inner pages are very nice, big typos, nice colors, kind of modern classic. But I don"t see myself returning to the site because of that… I’ll tell you, I barely know what the site is about after having browsing it twice. Just returned to it and I don’t understand the logic behind these 4 main parts. In the design process they lost something: having a phrase that explains what the site is and what is it for.

And I’m like you, a bit lost on the structure, looking for <articles> in the markup.

Took more time to browse. I really like their site content. The long pages have consistency and are very well balanced, most of the times the visual hierarchy is perfect. It’s a very pleasant read.

And their work, what they showcase, is great :slight_smile: Good find.

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