Design clues (Tabs + Toggles & 1000+ pages) of legal topic articles

Hello web flow community

My wife and I are designing a website for a local law firm.
We are totally new to web flow and CMS.

The firm has amassed 1000 pages of legal articles.

We had been doing this website in Wordpress and putting the topic chapters into tabs and the Q&A’s into toggles.

We are trying to work out how we may achieve this in Webflow, via the CMS.

Thus making 10 pages of law topic/subchapters into one page.
Each topic has also Q & As and faqs.

You can see how I am doing this @ the following link. Which likely also reveals my naive approach to this.

[](http://Link to Wordpress test area for articles/tabs/toggles)

Can you guys help us to understand how to display alongside articles with multiple chapters and Q&A’s into toggles via the CMS?

I am super determined to make this happen for our client.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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