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Design Changing Without Me Changing It - What's Going On?


A design that I built periodically changes without me touching it.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the page below, as I built it, as it should appear.

Periodically though it changes without me touching it, braking my design. It always changes/breaks in the same way. It changes/breaks both in the designer and in the published page. This happened today, and it’s happened multiple times before. Reverting to a saved version doesn’t fix the problem – saved versions are broken too. It’s as if Webflow’s HTML interpreter changes how it interprets my design. Here’s a screenshot of the broken version.

Sooner or later it always reverts back to how it should look. And then sooner or later it breaks again. Always without me touching it. This has happened several times over the past couple of months.


At the moment the design appears properly, but just a few minutes ago the broken version showed up. Can anyone identify what’s going on, and tell me how I should proceed when it happens again?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Set overflow to hidden.

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