Design changes aren't saving HELP


Whenever I edit the CSS of the website it’ll look just fine for a while, respecting the assigned colors, paddings, fonts, margins, etc. I’m not ready to publish the website yet so I haven’t published any versions yet. And after a couple of days the structure and texts will remain as I left them but the CSS will go back to how it originally was, changing backgrounds, colors, fonts, paddings, etc.

I took a screen recoding video of what it looked like two days ago:

Today, again, it looks all broken. Nothing like the video. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? PLEASE HELP!!! I’m tired of adjusting the design over and over and over again…

The pages affected are: Home, Mortgage Services, Real Estate Services, and FAQ.

Read Only link:

It’s as if the HTML changes are saving but the CSS ones are not.