Design challenge:

Hi guys, I often find me asking my self, how I could rebuild certain websites in webflow. Today I found this beautiful project from google:

How could we build this site in webflow? If you have any ideas, pitch in. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys and girls :smile:

Hi @cuvegas, I think that site can be reproduced in Webflow. Depending on how many sections you wanted to create (each section being a full page section), it might be easier to add a little custom code, like fullpage.js to move the whole page on mouse stroke.

One idea would be to create a multiple sections, each section having divs and elements that have interactions created using the scroll interaction.

You could create a transparent full page section that has a fixed position and has a higher z-index than the other sections, and make that transparent section cover the full page (this is where you would put the phone in the example site you listed)

Then as the user scrolls from one section to the next, you can target different classes to animate the contents.

I hope that gives you some ideas… if you create a test site, then share that link, it will be easier to help give you advice on that.

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